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" Is it possible to beat a game of roulette? Most say that it isn't but others beg to differ. We take a deeper look at two books by authors who claim that they can play the game with positive expectation.


Beating the Wheel: The System That Has Won Over Six Million Dollars from Las Vegas to Monte Carlo - By R. T. Barnhart


""Beating the Wheel: The System That Has Won over Six Million Dollars from Las Vegas to Monte Carlo,"" by R. T. Barnhart, is part history book and part roulette strategy. People who enjoy the game of roulette, even if they are not looking to ""break the bank,"" are likely to enjoy this breakdown of wheel-beaters throughout the years.

Beating the Wheel: History

The book begins by talking about the earliest roulette wheel beaters and the methods they used, whether it was having a confederate control the ball, hunting down biased wheels, or adding chips to winning bets. The book moves from the oldest roulette champions like Joseph Jaggers, who broke the bank at Monte Carlo, to modern players in not only Monte Carlo, but Reno, Las Vegas and Atlantic City, who made a fortune on roulette by finding biased wheels.

Beating the Wheel: Strategy

The book then moves on to explain how an unbiased wheel works, how a player can gain an advantage, and how to practice wheel tracking or wheel ""clocking,"" essentially watching a pattern of numbers to determine if a roulette wheel is biased. There is also a section on what to do with a biased wheel, although this should be obvious.

Beating the Wheel: Success

Modern roulette wheels are finely balanced to avoid bias, so someone's ability to find a biased wheel in the modern era is questionable, and there are no biased wheels online. However, the book's entertainment value may make it a worthwhile read for many roulette fans despite this.


Gamble To Win Roulette - By R D Ellison

""Gamble to Win Roulette"" is one book in the Gamble to Win series by R.D. Ellison, which includes ""Gamble to Win Craps"" and ""Gamble to Win: A Complete Guide for the Serious Player."" In his book, Ellison discusses basic roulette ideas and strategies for winning.

Gamble to Win Roulette Strategies

Ellison takes a clinical approach to the game, with various creatively named strategies like Surgical Strike, Angel and the Sledgehammer and 3Q/A Reverse Select. For gamblers who are only familiar with the Martingale System (a betting system wherein the player doubles his bet every time he loses, a system that has been proven doomed to failure), this will add some welcome variety and food for thought to their roulette game.

Ellison also looks at the Internet casino, since playing roulette online has evolved as another popular way to approach the game of roulette.


Winning at Roulette

Ellison contends that his method gives the player a nearly eight percent edge by identifying a trend. Most experts believe that these trends do not exist in modern wheels, although Ellison claims he has statistical evidence to back up his argument.

Curious roulette players may want to look at Ellison's strategies, but they should not necessarily expect to rack up big wins as a result. In addition, online roulette wheels, which are powered by random number generators, almost certainly do not exhibit any foreseeable trend.

Most roulette players will give themselves their best chance to win by playing at tables with only one zero and with favorable rules regarding even money bets such as en prison and la partage.



"" Gambling games all contain an element of luck. The promise of ""beating the odds"" and being rewarded for it is what brings millions of people to gaming tables every year.

Of course, many of these people expect to win, despite the fact that the games are specifically designed so that for most of them, this will not happen. Some players just feel ""lucky"" while others have some reason that they think they have an edge. One of these things may be a betting system. However, do betting systems really work?


Gambling Myth - Betting Systems Can Give You an Edge

How Casino Games Work

Casino games, both live and online, have a single basic principle. That principle is that the casino pays you off at worse odds than the odds of the event you are betting on actually happening.

In other words, if you are betting something for which the odds are 4-to-1, the casino will pay you off at less than 4-to-1. They may pay 3-to-1, they may pay 3.5-to-1, but whatever they pay, you can be sure it will be less than 4-to-1. This difference between the true odds and the payout odds represents their profit.

Why Betting Systems Don't Work

Betting systems are ways of betting intended to somehow short circuit the House edge. However, no manipulation of bet sizing can change the fact mentioned above, that the payout odds are worse than the true odds. Therefore no betting system can work.


The Martingale System

The most popular system in play, usually at roulette, is the Martingale System. You double your bet every time you lose in this progressive system.

The idea is as follows. You bet X amount. If you win, you win X. If you lose, you bet 2X. If you win that bet, you have won the amount of your initial bet. If you lose, you bet 4X.

Now if you win, you are up X and if you lose, you are down 6X. If this happens, you bet 8X, and so on until you are ahead.

Martingale System in Action

Click on the link below and watch a a guy who tries the martingale system in one of the casinos online.

Roulette System Gone Wrong


Flaw in the Martingale System

In the long run, the system produces losses at the same level as anyone else. In the short term, it produces frequent small wins and occasional massive losses. This is because short term streaks can easily result in two, three, ten or twenty losses in a row.

What will often happen is that the player will run up against the betting limit of the table or the limits of their bankroll. When this occurs, a huge loss is the result.

A better idea is to increase your bet when you win, not when you lose. In the long run, things work out the same, but in the short term, you will have frequent small losses and occasional big wins, which is more fun than the other way around. Remember to set a stop limit if you play this way or you will eventually always break even or lose.


" " There are plenty of betting systems out there that casino players use in an attempt to maximize their winnings and decrease their losses. When it comes to games such as roulette and blackjack, one of the most popular is the Paroli betting system.

Paroli Betting System - How it Works

The Paroli betting system is essentially the exact opposite of the Martingale system. In fact, it is sometimes referred to as the Anti-Martingale system.

Under the Martingale strategy, gamblers double their bet after every loss. In contrast, the Paroli betting strategy has gamblers doubling their bet after every win. The strategy is based on the same strategy that banks employ for compounding interest.

For example, let's say you're at the roulette table and you place an initial bet of $5. If you win, then your next bet will be $10. If you win again, then your third bet will be $20. If, at anytime during the run, you lose your bet, then your successive bet will be $5.

Laying Parameters for the Paroli Betting System

Before employing the Paroli strategy, it is important to lay down some parameters. Specifically, you will need to decide at what point you wish to stop the raising of bets and return back to the initial bet. This is because it is never advised to just keep raising your bet until you lose.

For many people, the magic number is three. This means that after three consecutive wins, they drop their bet back to the initial value.

Benefits of the Paroli Betting System

The Paroli system is intended to maximize earnings won during a hot streak. As opposed to flat betting, the gambler will earn more when they hit a string of luck.

The Paroli system also affords gamblers with a small bankroll the opportunity to earn a larger amount in winnings. The system is considered a more stable betting strategy than many of the alternatives. In relation to the Martingale strategy, the advantage is that you are not chasing your losses by betting more after each loss, which could result in ruin if you run out of money or hit the table maximum betting limit.


" " Since Roulette is largely a game of chance, one might think that there are few or no tips you can give towards game play. But this is simply not true. There are still tips about your game play and especially your mindset while playing that can all lead to better play at the wheel. Here are a few:


Try European Roulette: A good bulk of the better online casinos will offer you both American and European Roulette, and there is a difference. A European wheel has a single zero on it, whereas an American wheel has two zeroes on it. The reason you should play with a single zero wheel is that the house advantage is snapped in half by having only one zero as opposed to two. This increases your chances of winning, so it's a good tip to take into consideration.

Make smart bets: The single-number bets have some of the worst odds of all the casino games. The house advantage is so heavy when you bet on a single number that it is rare for someone to win. And if they do, it usually took a considerable amount of bets before the winning bet was actually placed. The smarter bets are the one that pay as close to even money as possible, those are the ones with the smallest house advantage.

Play for fun, not profit: When you play for fun, you are relaxed and are likely to make good judgments, whereas if you are playing under the stress of needing to make a profit, you may find that you make foolish mistakes. Though no gambling game should be done purely for profit (unless you are a professional), you should especially avoid Roulette as a means of making money. Though there are ways to get more out of your Roulette budget, it should not be played as a means of income due to the large house advantage.

Make a budget: This ties in just a big to the previous tip. No matter what game you are playing, you should have a set amount of money that you are willing to part with. Bet that, and only that. If you lose your money and spend beyond what you had at first budgeted, this can not only lead to short-term financial difficulty, but long-term as well if you were to become a problem gambler.

Set aside what you win: Again, this ties into the previous tip a bit. If you set aside what you win and leave the table after your budgeted money is gone, then you will at least leave the table with some money, so you are up on the game. But if you bet your winnings and still lose, then you are left with nothing. It""s always better to walk away with a little something rather than nothing at all.

Do not parlay any bets: In Roulette, when a player parlays their bets, they leave the previous bet and anything they won on the table for another spin of the wheel. This is not a good idea because it can lead to bigger, faster losses. Always set aside anything you win so that you can leave the table with at least a little money.

Try the free or demo games, if available: An increasing amount of online casinos offer free ""just for fun"" or demo versions of their games. These are great because they allow you to try a game and get a feel for the functions before you bet real money on them. They also allow you to practice a betting patter or strategy, or to simply take a break from betting and still enjoy playing without the stress of a real-money wager.

Never chase losses: This goes for any online casino game. If you have just lost a large sum of money, some people tend to try and make that money up by making more big bets. Especially in Roulette, this is a very reckless form of play and will only lead to losing your money faster

If you decide to play for real money at an online casino, be sure to get the best bonus deal possible before you sign-up. Our list of Roulette casinos will help guide you to the best deals out there. Good luck!

Try Different Roulette Strategies

Our free casino games pages let you practice roulette for free. Our free roulette game requires no download and you can play immediately in your browser. If you want to check if a roulette betting strategy works or not this is the page for you. Play for fun without risking your own money.

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