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Not sure about playing for real money? No deposit casino bonuses give you the perfect chance to ‘try before you buy’!

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Best No Deposit Casino Bonuses - January, 2021

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Not sure about playing for real money? No deposit casino bonuses give you the perfect chance to ‘try before you buy’! We’ve collected together some of the very best no deposit casino bonuses from the most reputable and trustworthy online casinos operating legally in your area. Take your pick from our list and play today!

Why Choose No Deposit Bonuses?

  • Try your chosen casino without spending any money
  • Sample the true online casino experience for free
  • Learn a new kind of game without taking any risk

It’s no secret that almost every online casino in the world will offer you some kind of bonus or incentive for signing up with them. However not everyone realises that you usually have to make a deposit in order to benefit from these offers.

Enter: no deposit bonus casinos, which offer great incentives to sign up without even needing to commit any of your own money. You are free to claim your bonus and use it to play your chosen game at no cost to yourself.

Benefits Of No Deposit Bonuses

no deposit bonus

It’s not surprising that tens of thousands of people claim a no deposit casino bonus every day. There are a number of benefits to playing at a casino with no deposit bonus offers. The biggest one of all is undoubtedly the fact that it enables you to play at and experience a real online casino without risking any of your own money in the process.

No deposit casino bonuses also enable you to try out new games that you may be interested in, but don’t want to play on with real money yet. By playing with no deposit bonus credit, you can get fully acquainted with the game and its quirks, and maybe even figure out to beat it, without losing a cent.

This ‘try before you buy’ benefit common to all no deposit casinos online applies to the online casinos themselves, as well as the games. There are an almost infinite number of things which can make you enjoy or dislike your experience on a gambling website. By far the best way to see if you’ll like playing at an online casino after making a deposit is to try it out with a no deposit bonus first.

Who Uses No Deposit Bonus Casinos?

Here’s a few examples of the different kinds of online casino players and whether a no deposit bonus is right for them:

  Sasha, 23

Is a keen online Slots player and has heard about an online casino offering some interesting new games, but isn’t convinced by the casino itself yet. Recommended!

  Glenn, 42

Is relatively new to online casino games and wants to see that all the fuss is about, but doesn’t want to spend any money. Recommended!

  Steve, 52

An investment banker wanting to play for big money, and looking to get the biggest bonus possible. Not recommended – see casino deposit bonuses.

No Deposit Casino Bonus Codes

Some people believe that in order to get the best offers, you need to use no deposit casino bonus codes. While that used to be the case, it is now much more common for no deposit casinos to attribute your bonus automatically when you sign up. More often than not, bonus codes are used to entice existing players back in (usually they are sent out via email), rather than as an incentive to sign up.

Regardless, there will still sometimes be cases where no deposit bonus codes can be used while signing up. If you require a no deposit casino bonus code in order to avail yourself of any of the bonuses listed here on CasinoGuide, you’ll be able to find it on your chosen casino’s review page. Take a look and choose from our recommended no deposit bonus casinos listed above.

Why Do Casinos Offer No Deposit Bonuses?

why do casinos offer no deposit bonusesFree casino credit without needing to pay in any money – it sounds a little too good to be true, doesn’t it? But we assure you: it’s totally on the level.

The level of competition between online casinos (and particularly no deposit bonus casinos) is incredibly high. There are literally hundreds of operators looking to have you as a customer and a long-time player with them. So, they offer the online casino equivalent of a test drive: a chance to learn to love their casino without spending your own money. Just like that test drive in a fancy new car, this is obviously done in the hope that you will enjoy yourself so much that you’ll stay and play longer after your no deposit bonus expires.

Every casino with no deposit bonus offers considers these small outlays to be a marketing investment. If you enjoy yourself so much you want to keep playing, that’s your call – but they’ll do all they can to make sure you do! The best way to think of a no deposit bonus is as free play money, rather than a way to make a quick buck – the wagering requirements make this difficult, as we’ll discuss later.

How To Choose A Casino With No Deposit Bonus

Here at CasinoGuide we’ve been reviewing and recommending online casinos for over two decades. So we know a little bit about what to look for when you’re deciding which one to sign up with. Each of our no deposit casino reviews (accessible via our list above) take into account six very important factors:

  • Design: often understated in importance, we believe the design of an online casino can make or break your experience using it. Layout, ease of navigation, and responsivity are just three of the design aspects we consider.
  • Bonuses: one of the most important things to consider when signing up to a new online casino, particularly if you are looking for no deposit casino bonuses. Make sure you get the biggest bang for your buck that you can!
  • Games: most would argue that this is the one thing that an online casino absolutely has to get right. If the games library is inadequate, doesn’t have enough variety, or the games are not entertaining, it won’t be recommended here.
  • Payments: being able to make deposits and withdrawals quickly and easily is another crucial aspect of online casino play – it can be very frustrating to be prevented from playing by payment problems. We recommend casinos offering a varied range of options in this regard.
  • Support: if you come up against any difficulties, either when making payments, playing games, logging in, or anything else, it’s good to know your online casino has your back. Our reviews contain all the information you need to get in touch with them.
  • Security: this is a concern that spans many aspects of the casino’s practises. Is the website protected by an SSL certificate; is personal data collected and held securely and legally; does the site hold any licenses from any online gambling authorities?

no deposit bonus mobile casinosNo Deposit Bonus Mobile Casinos

Most, if not all, of our recommendations in the list above are no deposit bonus mobile casinos. That means that they can be played on your mobile phone or tablet, as well as on your desktop computer or tablet. Studies show that over half of online casino players choose to play on their mobiles – after all, there are few reasons not to! It’s convenient, easy, and can be a great way to while away the time on a long commute or any other situation where you need to wait a period of time.

Thanks to developments in website technology over the past decade, mobile casinos – no deposit and otherwise – are a great deal more common than they used to be. Any no deposit bonus casino that is failing to offer players a way to play via their mobile phone can rightly be considered out of touch. A full assessment of each no deposit bonus casinos’ mobile compatibility can be found on its review page in the design section.

How To Collect Your No Deposit Bonus

  1. Take a look at our recommended legal and regulated no deposit bonus casinos list above. Choose the one you like, and click ‘Play Now’.
  2. Follow the directions to sign up and create your account.
  3. Verify your email address by clicking the link you receive in your inbox.
  4. Your bonus should be activated and added to your credit – speak to customer support if you have any trouble.
  5. Choose a game and start playing!

No Deposit Casino Bonus Terms

When collecting any kind of online casino bonuses, there are certain terms and conditions which must be met in order to benefit from them. This is particularly true when you sign up to an online casino with a no deposit bonus – this is why we recommend you consider the bonus credit as play money.

These terms are typically put in place by the no deposit bonus casino in order to protect themselves from players simply collecting their bonus, and withdrawing it without playing. Whenever you claim a no deposit bonus, make sure you check the terms and conditions thoroughly to ensure you know what your rights are. The factors below are some of the most important, but do not comprise an exhaustive list – for more detail, head to our dedicated online casino bonuses page.

Wagering Requirements

Probably the most important of all bonus terms, this dictates how many times you have to bet your bonus before it becomes eligible for withdrawal.

For example, a no deposit casino bonus of $20 may come with a wagering requirement of 35, meaning you must bet it 35 times before you can withdraw it. $20 x 35 - $700 of bets.

Game Contribution Percentage (GCP)

Linked to the above, this bonus term decides how much each type of game will help you contribute to your wagering requirement. You will generally find that most Slots games have a GCP of 100%, meaning the calculation above still works.

But if you are playing a more skill-based game with a low house edge like Blackjack, the GCP could potentially go down to around 20%. $700 / 20% = $3500 – in this example, this would be your Blackjack wagering requirement.

Time Limit

Quite often used in order to ensure that the bonus credit doesn’t stay lying around in your casino account for too long. Once you’ve claimed a no deposit bonus, make the most of it while you can!

No deposit bonus time limits can be anything from a few hours (in the case of many online casino promotions) to a few weeks, depending on the offer. Just make sure you know which yours is and use it before it disappears!

Alternatives To No Deposit Casinos

Like the idea of playing some casino games without spending any money, but don’t feel ready to sign up at one of our recommended no deposit casinos online? If so, we’ve got you covered! Here at CasinoGuide, we offer an extensive range of free casino games which you can enjoy with no signup, no registration, no deposit, and no hassle. Just pick a game and play for fun!

If you are prepared to sign up at an online casino, but are looking for an incentive that’s a bit more Slots-related, we can help you with that too! Just head over to our dedicated free spins page for some of the hottest offers designed exclusively for Slots players.

Enjoy Bigger Bonuses By Making A Deposit

no deposit casino bonusFinally, if you’re ready to make the jump to playing at an online casino with your own money, we can help you get the best possible bonus deal. While no deposit casino bonus offers are nice enough, with a $20 here and a $15 there – deposit bonuses are where it gets really interesting.

Thanks to matched deposit bonuses, your bonus amount is directly related to the amount you are prepared to deposit and play with. To take a typical example, say you claim a deposit match bonus of 150% – if you deposit $20, you receive 150% of that amount ($30) as bonus credit. Giving you a total of $50 to play with!

By all means, get to know your new online casino with a no deposit bonus. The great thing about no deposit casinos is that you are under no pressure or obligation to play with your own money if you don’t want to. But if you do, just make sure you get the best possible casino deposit bonus, courtesy of our experts.

Benefit From Online Casino Bonuses – No Deposit Required!

Playing at an online casino with a no deposit bonus is the ultimate ‘try before you buy’. Take a test drive around your new online casino, play some games, explore its features and options, and most importantly have fun. Once your no deposit bonus has run out, you should have a very clear idea whether this is a casino you’d like to play for real money at.

So what are you waiting for? Our list above contains the very best no deposit casinos online. All are operating legally in your region and are handpicked by the experts here at CasinoGuide – simply take your pick and play today!