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Live Dealer Casinos Online

Enjoy a more personalized experience by playing at one of our recommended live dealer casinos. Below we’ve recommended the very best live casinos online that are operating legally in regulated states. Each comes with a unique and generous signup bonus, so take your pick and partake in some live casino play today!


Why Play At Live Casinos?

  • Realistic gambling experience
  • Fair play - you see the action
  • Personal interaction with the dealer

One of the overarching aims of any online casino is to make their users’ experience match that of a land-based casino as closely as possible. Live dealer casinos – also known simply as ‘live casinos’ – achieve this by connecting you with a real person via camera who acts as the dealer or host while you play your game.

Being able to see the Roulette wheel spin, or the cards being dealt, all while interacting with the live dealer themselves, creates a very worthy imitation of the land-based casino experience.

What Are Live Casino Games?

The concept of live casinos is actually very simple. Through your live dealer casino of choice, you can choose a table to play at – typically there will be several games to choose from. On screen, you will see a live feed of your online casino live dealer – there is also sound, which can be disabled if you prefer.

From here, it’s very self-explanatory; firstly, make your bets by clicking the relevant areas of the screen. Then the live casino dealer will spin the wheel or deal the cards right in front of you, talking you through the game as he/she does so. They’ll congratulate you when you win, and commiserate with you when you don’t.

Live Casino Play: What’s The Appeal?

It’s easy to see why many players prefer the experience of playing at live dealer casinos. You get that personal interaction with the dealer/host that is conspicuously missing from other, more traditional kinds of online casino games. It’s a lot nicer to speak with and see a real person than it is to simply watch animations happen on a screen. Live dealer casino games are typically much more engaging to the player for this reason.

live casinos

Plus, watching the wheel being spun and the cards being dealt in real time by a real person does a lot to assuage any concerns about whether the casino is playing fair. Random number generators (RNGs), which online casinos rely upon to fairly and impartially decide the result in most other kinds of game, are not infallible. It’s a lot harder for a third party to influence the result when the dealer is a real person, not a machine.

And these aren’t the only benefits either; the wide variety of live dealer games available is a big selling point for live casinos. You’ll be able to find more types of Blackjack and Roulette than your local land-based casino can provide! Add to that the bonuses you receive just for signing up and the fact that most live casino dealers are simply gorgeous to look at, and you can see why live casinos are hitting the scene in a big way.

Live Casino On Mobile

Another big reason that live casinos are taking off in such a big way is their mobile compatibility. In the early stages of live dealer casinos and their development, this was not the case – you could only play live casino games on your laptop or computer. But now, technology has advanced to the point where you can play fully featured live dealer casino games on most modern mobile phones!

live casinos on mobile

It used to be that reliance on Flash technology limited the devices upon which certain games could be played. Most notably, no Apple devices would support it without being jailbroken – freezing out a huge number of potential mobile users. But now most live dealer casino games run using HTML5, which is nearly universal and accepted on the vast majority of mobile devices. These games will typically run in your browser on your computer too, meaning live casinos can be also classified as no download casinos.

NetEnt were the forerunners in bringing live casinos to the pocket-sized screen. As early as 2011, they began development of their games for mobiles, and now NetEnt Live is a huge part of their games portfolio. With over half of players now preferring to use their mobile devices and playing more and more on mobile casinos, this is widely seen as a very savvy move on their part.

Live Casino Apps

Many of the live casinos listed above offer live casino apps for mobile devices and tablets of all kinds. Such apps are commonly used as they provide a user experience that is more ‘native’ to the device you are using and tailored to its capabilities.

However, it’s important to remember that there’s no actual need to download live casino apps in most cases. The majority of live casinos are built to be fully mobile responsive and enable you to play on the go without downloading anything.

The best bet is to sign up first and download the app later. Sometimes you will even be able to claim additional bonuses for downloading and logging into the app. Meaning you get an additional financial incentive, plus the most optimized user experience for your device there is.

Live Dealer Casino Games

There are several casino games which can be played with live dealers online. Most commonly, you’ll find live dealer Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, and Poker. What’s more, each of these is available in a number of variations – for example you can find both European Roulette and American Roulette. And each of these can be played for different stakes at different speeds too.

It’s clear though that the two games which utterly dominate the live dealer games scene are Blackjack and Roulette. This is reflected in the number of live dealer games available that fall into either of these categories. Both will be easy to find at any of the live casinos listed above.

live blackjack casinos

Live Dealer Blackjack

The very epitome of the term ‘casino classic’. Live dealer Blackjack is by far the most commonly played live casino game online. The beauty and enduring popularity of this game can be attributed to several factors.

Firstly, it is a very easy game to just pick up and play. There is not much at all in the way of special terminology to learn, and those terms that you do need to know are fairly self-explanatory. The rules are simple; get as close as you can to 21 without exceeding that number and try to beat the banker. But while it is a simple game, there is plenty you can do to affect the outcome.

Finally, once you start using mathematically proven Blackjack strategies, the house edge of this game drop to only 0.5%. This means that the casino has a comparatively insignificant advantage over you, which you can easily overcome with a bit of luck!

Live Dealer Roulette

live roulette casinosAnother classic, and highly popular with first-time players thanks to its inherent glamour and mystique. Much of this is owed to the numerous big-screen blockbusters and small-screen series which have shown their characters having a blast and winning big at the Roulette table.

Although not quite as simple as Blackjack, Roulette isn’t what you’d call difficult to pick up. The bets can be as simple or as complex as you like – most live dealer Roulette rookies will opt to bet on red or black initially. After getting comfortable, you can start to experiment with the different types of bet available – aided by your Roulette live dealer.

And just like Blackjack, Roulette has a low house edge – as long as you play on a European Roulette table. This variant has only one green zero compartment, giving it a house edge of around 2.7%. Whereas American Roulette has two zeros, which nearly doubles the house edge to a sizeable 5.26%. When playing live dealer Roulette, it pays to go European!

Choosing Between Live Dealer Casinos Online

Here at CasinoGuide, we understand that making the decision of which live dealer casinos are worth playing at is a big one. You’re not only investing your money, but also your time, and we are here to make sure you find the ideal live casino for you. You also want to make sure that you are playing legally - we always advise you do your own research to check that you can play legally in your region. On this site, we only show casinos that are operating legally in regulated states.

Thanks to our in-depth reviews of all the best live casinos online today, you can be sure you know what you’re getting. We’ve been reviewing real money casinos since 2004, so we’ve got a pretty good idea of what to look for.

  • Legality: is the casino operating legally in your region?
  • Design: much more than simply “does it look nice?”, this section in our reviews discusses the casinos’ user experience, how easy it is to access relevant areas, and the all-important issue of mobile compatibility.
  • Bonuses: for some, the most important section – online casinos are in a constant battle for new players and will go to great lengths to tie you down as a regular player. Which is why you should make sure to get the biggest bonuses possible! This section discusses the incentives available to new and existing players at that particular live dealer casino.
  • Games: the lifeblood of any worthy online casino – in this section we go over the casinos’ games library; how many games are available, which types of games, which software provider makes them, and much more.
  • Payments: real money live dealer casinos, and indeed all kinds of online casinos, need to have plenty of ways for you to make deposits and withdrawals to and from your account – in our reviews we examine these options.
  • Support: this section details how you can get in touch with your chosen live casino in case you run into any difficulties.
  • Security: this section examines which licenses and organizations verify the trustworthiness of the casino and its games, as well as their commitment to player security.

Playboy Live Casino

If the main reason you’re opting to play at live dealer casinos is to look at the pretty girls, don’t worry – you aren’t alone! In fact, Microgaming has even created a Playboy-themed live dealer casino game experience for this exact reason, complete with stunning and scantily-clad Playboy bunnies.

Check the review of each of our regulated and legal live dealer casinos listed above and you can see whether Microgaming provide games for that particular casino. Or you can head to our Microgaming casinos page for more options. And for a quick preview, check out the video below:

Play At A Casino With Live Dealer Today!

Live casinos are the perfect marriage between the convenience of playing at online casinos, and the experience of playing at a land-based casino. With so many variants of each game to get stuck into, there’s no reason to wait – grab your signup bonus from one of our recommended legal and regulated live dealer casinos and play today!