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Online casinos today offer between them a selection of games unmatched in the whole of Las Vegas. If you're new to playing casino games online, choosing which type of game to play can be a little overwhelming.

Use this page to pick your game, and then head to that game’s page for a list of recommended online casinos where it can be played. You will also find useful tips and bank-breaking strategies along the way!

Your Online Casino Games Guide

Here at CasinoGuide, we pride ourselves on offering the most thorough and in-depth online casino game guides you’ll find anywhere. We answer all the important questions, such as:

  • How to get started playing
  • How to win
  • What are the most effective strategies to employ
  • Which online casinos offer that particular game

As an authority on the topic of casinos and online casino games in particular, providing useful guidance and insight is what we do best. We constantly strive to ensure that our game pages contain everything you could possibly wish to know about your chosen game.

Which Are The Casino Games With Best Odds?

The odds of casino games online are not always the same as the odds of casino games at land-based establishments. This is because the profit margins for online casinos are much higher. After all, they don’t need to pay for a physical building, thousands of staff, and all the other associated costs of a land-based casino.

The casino games with the best odds have a low house edge and a high return to player percentage (RTP). The difference in odds between online and land-based casinos is starkest when it comes to Slots. At land-based casinos the RTP of Slots games are usually around 90%, whereas online Slots typically offer RTPs of at least 96%.

However, the casino games with the best odds are still the classic table games of Blackjack and Roulette. In these games the house edge is absolutely tiny, especially compared to Slots. The odds of winning Roulette on a red/black bet are 47.4%, while optimal Blackjack strategy can reduce the house edge to a measly 0.5%.

Benefits Of Casino Games Online Play

So why are so many people choosing to partake in casino games online play, rather than attending land-based establishments? The truth is, there are several benefits when taking this approach, in addition to the more favorable odds mentioned above.

Firstly, there is no need to leave your home to play online casino games. It is simply a matter of deciding to play, turning on your computer, and logging in – all of which can be achieved in minutes.

There is also no need to dress up smartly like at land-based casinos. You can play casino games on the sofa in your chillout sweats if you like!

Play Casino Games With Bonus Money

A hugely important benefit to casino games online play are the bonuses and promotions on offer. 99% of online casinos offer a generous sign up bonus when you register with them.

This allows you to essentially play without spending your own money. You are free to enjoy casino games with bonus credit for as long as it lasts.

Check out our comprehensive casino bonus guide for everything you need to know about playing casino games with bonus money.

Are Casino Games Mobile Compatible?

One of the biggest benefits of playing casino games online is the truly vast array of choices open to you. You can take your pick between dozens of versions of Blackjack or Roulette, or from thousands of Slots games with varying themes and features.

But are all casino games mobile friendly? The answer is no, however you will find that the vast majority of casino games can be played on mobile – particularly the most popular ones.

Playing casino games on mobile phones and tablets has been a growing trend for several years now. To this end, developers are working constantly to ensure that games can be enjoyed on any device, anytime, anywhere.

Which Online Casino Games Should I Play?

There are many different choices when you play casino games for real money. Often, it can be tough for new players to decide what they want to try first. The infographic below should help a little in this regard.

which casino game should I play

Casino Game Types

As with their offline counterparts, almost all online casino games fall into a certain category. Table games, for example, is used to describe the games which require the presence of a table – such as Blackjack, Roulette, or Craps.

The biggest category is most certainly Slots, of which there are thousands of variants to choose from. These can even be subcategorized further – into Video Slots, Classic Slots, and Progressive Slots.

For our purposes here at CasinoGuide, we have divided the various casino games into five categories. Casino games with cards, Slots, classic casino games, live casino games, and the rest.

Casino Games With Cards


This classic card game has enthralled casino players for centuries. For many people, Blackjack is synonymous with casino gambling. You play against the dealer and try to get cards totalling as close to 21 as possible, without exceeding that number.

If you want your decisions to matter, Blackjack is your game. When you play it right, the house edge can be reduced to less than 1% - find out how in our online Blackjack guide.


Another card game played against the dealer, your goal is to draw cards and get as close to nine as possible. Baccarat takes its name from the French and Italian word for zero, which is the worst total you can get in the game.

Baccarat is associated with classy casino establishments and naturally, James Bond 007. Of course nowadays you can play the game whoever you are and wherever you are. Find winning strategies and a place to play with our comprehensive online Baccarat game guide.

Caribbean Stud Poker

If Poker mated with Blackjack, their offspring would be a little bit like Caribbean Stud. It is played against the dealer. This casino game is based on traditional poker – the aim is to get a five-card hand that is as strong as possible.

You and the dealer get five cards each, and the dealer shows one of his cards. You then decide whether to raise or fold based on how likely your hand is to win. Your should therefore try to fold when the dealer is strong, and raise when he's weak. Play online Caribbean Stud Poker today!

Pai Gow Poker

The original version of Pai Gow played with dominoes was quite complicated. Today, Pai Gow is commonly played as a card game called Pai Gow Poker. It is an extremely popular variation of casino poker as there are many different ways that each hand can go.

Your goal is to make two good poker hands with the seven cards you're dealt, and the dealer then does the same. If you manage to win both ways, you scoop the pot. Find out more about how and where to play Pai Gow Poker online with our complete guide.

Best Online Casino Games: Slots

Online casino Slots are based on the classic fruit machines, poker machines or one-armed bandits of old. Slots games generally consist of spinning reels until you land on winning symbol combinations. This age-old concept has been jazzed up for the 21st century though thanks to the advent of video Slots.

Online Slots games always have large prize pools, but progressive jackpots are the key to life-changing million-dollar payouts. Each player who plays these games contributes to a constantly growing prize pool. If you are aiming for the millions, progressive jackpot slots are the choice for you.

Classic Casino Games


Casino Roulette games are as simple as they are fun. You just place your bet - on a color, number, column, or whatever you like. Then a ball is dropped in a wheel with 37-38 slots, and you hope that lady luck stops the ball in the right place.

When choosing between casino Roulette games, you should always look for European Roulette - this will improve your odds dramatically. For more essential tips, check out our guide to playing Roulette online.


A dice game with many different ways of wagering. The shooter throws a pair of dice and all players around the table can wager on the outcome of the throw. In land-based casinos Craps tables are always the loudest as people shout out numbers, rooting for their winning dice combination.

Before you play Craps, it’s sensible to learn what bets you should make and which to avoid. To assist with this, check out our online Craps page which has everything you need to know!

Video Poker

Video Poker is the only casino game that sometimes gives players the advantage. Assuming you choose the right game and employ the perfect strategy, that is. When this is combined with the possibility of progressive jackpot payouts, it’s not surprising Video Poker is so popular.

Video Poker is a hybrid between a slot machine and a Five Card Draw poker game. The game is played on a computerized console and your aim is to get a poker hand as high as possible. Play Video Poker online today!

Play Casino Games Live

Online casino games are great because they’re convenient, fun, and can be played almost anywhere with an Internet connection. But playing table games like Blackjack online rather than at land-based casinos can sometimes lack a certain je ne sais quoi.

Regular players of casino games online sometimes find that they miss the atmosphere of the casino. Not to mentions the valuable element of personal interaction with the dealer. Fortunately, online casino games have adapted in two groundbreaking ways to help players overcome these issues.

Firstly, there was the advent of the live casino online. This made innovative use of webcam technology to allow players to see their game happening in real-life and in real-time. The game is administered by a ‘live dealer’ who also interacts with the players, just like at a land-based casino.

More recently, the concept of virtual casinos has made the jump from sci-fi fantasy to genuine reality. Armed with a VR headset and controller, these casinos allow you to experience the look and feel of a real-life high roller casino through the wonders of virtual reality technology.

Other Online Casino Games


Keno is a game in which 20 numbered balls are randomly drawn from a total of 80 balls. Your goal is to have the drawn numbers selected on your ticket. The rules are simple: Pick your numbers, sit back, and wait for the ping-pong balls to be drawn.

It’s not rocket science, but that's the charm of keno. Winning is obviously just about being lucky. But maybe you feel lucky? Play Keno online at one of our recommended online casinos today.


Similarly to Keno, winning at Bingo requires more luck than anything else. And most importantly, more luck than the other players! Nonetheless, it’s a great way to relax – just put your feet up, start a game, and watch your numbers roll in. 

There are several variants which use different numbers of balls and have different ways to win. Get the lowdown on them all with our online Bingo page.

Sic Bo

Sic Bo is derived from an ancient Chinese gambling game. Players bet variable amounts on the outcome of three dice being rolled. The dice are rolled by the dealer, with the help of a special cage.

The variety of betting options offers payouts ranging from even money to 150x the bet. This makes Sic Bo a very popular game among all kinds of players. Our Sic Bo online guide contains everything you need to know – check it out and try this casino classic today.

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As you can see, there is an online casino game for almost everyone. Whether you’re looking for relaxation, constant excitement, strategy, or you just want to try your luck – you’ll find it here.

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