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Best Bitcoin Casinos 2021

Use your Bitcoin wallet to bankroll your online casino gaming, and win yourself some more cryptocurrency!

Top Casinos Accepting Bitcoin 2021

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Chumba Casino
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  • Small variety of table games
Gambino Slots
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  • No table games
Luckyland Slots
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  • Great Mobile Experience
  • Mobile App Available
  • EFT only withdrawal option

Best Bitcoin Casinos 2021

Here at CasinoGuide, we have collected together all of the best legal and regulated casinos accepting Bitcoin for you to choose from. Our recommended list of the best Bitcoin casinos has been fully reviewed and tested to ensure they are worthy of both your time, not to mention your valuable cryptocurrency.

They all offer fantastic Bitcoin bonus offers for signing up as well. So take your pick and play at one of the best Bitcoin casinos on the Internet today!

Bitcoin Casino Advantages

  • Private and secure
  • Fast payments with no/low fees
  • Can boost your crypto balance

Why Play At Bitcoin Casinos?

Bitcoin casinos have sprung up in order to satiate the demand of players who wish to use their Bitcoins for entertainment purposes. Casinos that accept Bitcoin have been able to tap into a whole new market of players. This is why you will now see that there is now quite a selection of them for you to choose from.

Many players opt for Bitcoin casinos because it allows you to retain a much higher level of privacy than other payment options. For example, there is no need to give the casino your credit card information, as you will deposit and withdraw directly from and to your cryptocurrency wallet. Transaction fees are typically low or non-existent, and withdrawals are some of the fastest you’ll find.

The biggest reason for playing at Bitcoin casinos though, has to be the opportunity to win a commodity that is highly valuable in the current market. At the time of writing, winning just 10 Bitcoins, cashing them out and exchanging them would net you approximately $80,000! Of course, it’s not as easy as it sounds – most bets you make will be in fractions of Bitcoin, such as those in the table below:

Bitcoin Unit

Bitcoin Value

Value if 1BTC = $10,000

(one bitcoin)



(one tenth of a Bitcoin)



(one hundredth of a Bitcoin)



(one thousandth of a Bitcoin)



(one millionth of a Bitcoin)



(one hundred millionth of a Bitcoin)


Less than $0.01

Bitcoin Casinos: Bonuses

In a market that is growing consistently more competitive by the day, Bitcoin casinos are fighting harder than ever to persuade you to play with them. Any casinos accepting Bitcoin will be aware that the way to a Bitcoin casino player’s heart is via his crypto wallet.

That’s why many Bitcoin casinos will offer special bonus offers specifically for players choosing to make a casino deposit using Bitcoin. You may also find a Bitcoin casino with faucet functionality, which distributes Satoshis (the smallest denomination of Bitcoin, named after its creator). Typically, a Bitcoin casino with faucet will give you 100 Satoshis for you to get started with.

Unfortunately, 100 Satoshis isn’t worth very much. If you want to get a larger amount for trying out Bitcoin casinos, no deposit bonus offers are the way to go. Some Bitcoin casinos’ no deposit bonus offers can be very generous, but they will never come close to the bonuses you become eligible for once you make a deposit.

Bitcoin Casino Games

Like most kinds of online casino, Bitcoin casinos offer a wide variety of games for you to play and gamble your cryptocurrency on. Are you a fan of the popular casino table games such as Blackjack and Roulette, or classics like Craps and Baccarat? Whether you’re looking for these, or the newest Video Slots on the block, you’ll find Bitcoin casino games to satiate you.

Particularly when it comes to Slots, your choice is more varied than you could possibly imagine. Video Slots and classic Slots, in an almost impossibly large selection of themes and styles, make up the vast majority of most Bitcoin casinos’ games libraries. Slots have really come into their own over the past years, with dozens of game developers constantly trying to outdo each other in terms of creativity and player retention. There are now literally thousands of online Slots games for you to choose from when you play at Bitcoin casinos.

You can even ride the wave of the future while playing classic table games, by playing at Bitcoin live casinos. These are a relatively recent addition to Bitcoin casino games libraries, and offer a more realistic, human experience when playing games like Blackjack and Roulette online. Essentially you are paired with a ‘live dealer’ who plays the game with you in front of a camera. The additional interaction and realism is making Bitcoin live casinos more popular by the day.

Bitcoin Casinos vs. Other Payment Options

There are a number of reasons why you may decide to play at casinos that accept Bitcoin, rather than one of the many alternative casino payment options. Being a decentralized cryptocurrency, playing at casinos with Bitcoin offers you many unique advantages that using a credit card or e-wallet cannot. Here are some of the biggest advantages you can gain from playing at Bitcoin casinos.


Bitcoin casinos allow you to keep your sensitive credit card information or bank details completely removed from your online gambling pursuits. To make or receive payments, you just need to use your Bitcoin wallet, which isn’t necessarily linked to any of your other accounts, or even your name.


With the value of Bitcoin fluctuating (albeit less so than most other cryptocurrencies), it is entirely possible that your Bitcoin casino credit will drastically increase in value overnight. It can also go the other way though, so best to think of this as simply another level of gambling.


Bitcoin transactions are inherently some of the most secure in the world. With every payment under encryption, sent to addresses which aren’t personally identifiable, and verified by a small army of online users, using Bitcoin is in many ways safer than making a traditional card payment

Bitcoin Casino Payment Speeds

Bitcoin casino deposits and withdrawals are some of the fastest you will find. The nature of Bitcoin as a decentralized currency, and the way that payments are made and verified without a middle-man means that transactions can be processed very quickly. In some cases, the payment is made almost instantaneously.

Compared with that of credit cards like MasterCard, and certain intermediaries like Instadebit, Bitcoin casino deposits and withdrawal speeds are definitely favorable. It’s not unusual for some of the slower payment options to take at least two days, which can seem like an age if you’re waiting to play or to cash out a jackpot win!

As a rule, always check with the Bitcoin casinos themselves regarding payment speeds. A quick conversation with the customer support specialist on live chat can clarify your expectations with minimal effort.

Bitcoin Casino Payment Limits

As the value of Bitcoin grew so rapidly in late 2017, there are now a lot of people looking to play some high-stakes Bitcoin casino games. As a result, the deposit and withdrawal limits of Bitcoin casinos are under the microscope a lot more than they were before.

Generally, Bitcoin casino deposits are subject to much more lenient limitations than most other payment options are. This is particularly true compared to phone payment options such as Boku or POLi, which are limited to very low numbers. But Bitcoin also flourishes in comparison with credit and debit card payments, and even some e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller.

In our experience, we have found that a monthly deposit and withdrawal limit of $10,000 is pretty standard for Bitcoin casinos. As with the payment speeds, the best advice of all is to check with the online casino accepting Bitcoin themselves. Anyone in their support team should be able to give you an accurate estimation of the limitations you can expect to be bound by.

How To Sign Up At Bitcoin Casinos

  1. Choose one of the best Bitcoin casinos from our recommended list and click Play Now
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to create your Bitcoin casino account
  3. Verify your account via email
  4. Make a deposit, claim your welcome bonus, and start playing!

Make An Online Casino Bitcoin Deposit

  1. If you aren’t automatically directed to the page after signing up, look for a button displaying your balance, or one that says ‘balance’, ‘deposit’, etc
  2. Choose Bitcoin from the list of payment options
  3. Specify the amount you would like to deposit
  4. Confirm the deposit by following the on-screen instructions.

Withdrawing To Your Bitcoin Wallet

  1. Look for a button that says ‘make withdrawal’, ‘cashier’, or similar
  2. Specify how much of your casino account balance you’d like to withdraw
  3. Choose Bitcoin from the list of options, provide the necessary details (i.e. your Bitcoin wallet address) and submit the request
  4. Your payment should be processed swiftly, and in some cases, instantaneously.

Bitcoin: An Overview

There’s never been a better time to be using cryptocurrency, and Bitcoin is the biggest one of all. Popularity of the decentralized currency systems boomed in 2017, and despite dropping down from a huge peak of nearly $20,000 per Bitcoin, has held consistently steady since then.

But how does Bitcoin actually work? You will see countless of explanations online with the intent of answering this question, but many are so packed with jargon it’s impossible to decipher any meaning. In the simplest possible terms, it goes something like this:

  1. You set up your Bitcoin wallet with one of the providers recommended on the official Bitcoin website. This will serve the purpose of storing all your Bitcoins.
  2. You can then purchase Bitcoins on a cryptocurrency exchange like Coinbase and get them transferred to your wallet, which is identified by a unique address (not your name, making it more anonymous).
  3. Finally, you can sign up at one of the best Bitcoin casinos and make your deposit – making sure to choose Bitcoin from the payment options presented to you.

How Are Bitcoin Payments Verified?

Payments with Bitcoin are peer-to-peer; meaning that they take place without action from a middle-man or third party such as a bank. Without a third party verifying payments, this task is left to Bitcoin ‘miners’ around the globe.

These are computers solving complex algorithms to verify whether the payment being reported is true. The ‘miner’ that completes this task first is rewarded with more Bitcoins. This video goes into a little more detail while still being clear and easy to understand:

Are Casinos Accepting Bitcoin Trustworthy?

Most Bitcoin casinos have a rock-solid way of assuring you that they can be trusted to provide a fair gaming experience. This is known as ‘provable fairness’, and as the name suggests, can be used to prove beyond any doubt that the games you are playing are fair and random. At online casinos not offering this, you are reliant on auditors such as eCOGRA to check a casino is playing fair. The advantage of provability lies in its unique ability to demonstrate fairness in your particular case.

The process of proving fairness is long and complex – but basically involves translating the games into cryptographic hash functions. These hash functions and the code which the casino game uses to determine the winner are available to be seen after playing.

Bitcoin casinos using provably fairness are inherently more trustworthy than those not using it – so it has become something of an expectation among players. Proceed with caution at any online casino accepting Bitcoin which doesn’t mention this.

Bitcoin Casinos Customer Support

Although Bitcoin themselves offer little in the way of support, you should expect to receive all the help you need from your wallet provider. Having trouble purchasing or selling your Bitcoin? The support staff at your cryptocurrency exchange of choice should be able to assist.

If your problem is more related to the gambling side of things, the customer service team at each of our recommended Bitcoin casinos will be happy to help. It’s not at all uncommon for minor difficulties to arise with playing a game or making a deposit – whatever your issue, it’s unlikely they won’t have seen it before!

The customer support options for all the best Bitcoin casinos listed above can all be found within our in-depth reviews of each one. Just hit the ‘Review’ button to see it!

Best Bitcoin Casinos: Play Today!

With more and more online casinos accepting Bitcoin every day, there’s plenty of great reasons to get in on the action. Anonymous play, provably fair games, high withdrawal and deposit limits, super-fast payment speeds often with no fees, and the ever-present chance that your bankroll will double in value overnight!

Choose from our curated list of the best Bitcoin casinos operating legally in your region, sign up, and claim your bonus today!

Best Bitcoin Casinos