Best Online Casinos Bonuses and Offers 2021

Casino bonuses can be as complicated as they are generous – find the very best offers and what they give you right here in our comprehensive guide.

Best Online Casino Bonuses

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For online casinos, bonuses are one of the most effective methods of tempting new players to sign up and play.

Here at CasinoGuide, we have collected together the very best casino bonus offers from the most reputable and trustworthy online casinos that are operating legally in your region. All you have to do is take your pick! Sign up, make your first deposit, and claim your bonus.

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What makes a good casino bonus?

Not all casino bonuses are created equally. However, the answer to the question “what makes a good casino bonus” is not easy to answer. At the end of the day, every punter has a different style of gambling and has different wants and needs. For example, a player who is a true blackjack player at hear, free spins are not as attractive. While free spin bonuses are the most coveted bonuses for slot fanatics.

Any reputable online casino that knows their player base has a range of different casino bonuses on offer. This is to ensure that every player is able to snatch up a reward that complements their style. The first thing a new casino player should do is identify what they expect from an online casino. What games do you like; do you prefer slots, table games, live casino games or jackpots? What is your budget; are you a high roller or a low roller?

If you are unsure about what you are looking for in an online casino, then a no deposit bonus is a great way to start. Most are meant to give the player a taste of what the casino has in store for them. If you are a more experienced players, then a multi-tier welcome bonus is right up your alley. If you are a player with a high budget, then a VIP or high roller bonus is definitely something to look into.

On this page we will go over the various types of casino bonuses you will encounter. Should you see something that tickles your fancy, don’t hesitate to hit the “Play Now” button.

Types Of Casino Bonus Online

While looking for the best casino bonus online, it’s easy to get side-tracked and confused along the way by all the jargon involved with casino bonuses.

There are multiple categories and definitions that each online casino bonus falls into. Some casino bonus offers are called something in one place, and another somewhere else. And some come with terms that may affect your game plans. It’s good to know what kind of bonus you are opting in on before placing a deposit.

That’s why it’s essential to know everything you can about online casino bonus offers before claiming one. In this section we will talk about the different casino bonus a player may encounter.

Gift iconBest First Deposit Casino Bonuses

By far the biggest and most impressive of even the top online casino bonus offers is the initial signup offer. This type of bonus goes by many names, but it is most commonly known as the welcome bonus, joining bonus, match bonus, and most accurately as the first deposit bonus.

Online casinos know that competition for players is higher than ever, which is why they will go to such extreme lengths to get you to consider them as an option. The most generous online casinos with bonuses offer incentives well into the hundreds of dollars for you to sign up and make a deposit with them.
Many welcome bonuses are in fact spread out across multiple offers. Once you’ve collected them all, the total value is sometimes into the thousands! You can find out more about the best casino signup offers at our dedicated page.

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Best Free Spin Bonuses

Free spins are typically offered in addition to a more tangible bonus. They work very well as deal sweeteners – after all, what honest slots player can say that they don’t like spinning the reels without it costing them any money?

However, it has become increasingly more popular for online casinos to offer free spins as a stand-alone offer. We’re not talking about a handful of spins, but often these free spins bonuses total up to several hundred spins. Now that will keep you spinning for a while!

Basically, free spins allow you to play slots free from any risk, while retaining the possibility of big rewards. Although in most cases, any wins you make while using your free spins bonus will be subject to wagering requirements before you can withdraw them.

You can find out more about this popular bonus add-on with our dedicated free spins guide!

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Wager-free Free Spins Bonuses

Wager-free spins are the crème de la crème of free spin bonuses. These hard to come by goodies are what every slot player desires. So what are wager-free spins? The definition is in the name; they come without any wagering requirements. 

Whenever a casino gives players wager-free spins, they are basically awarding them free cash. The spins usually come with a pre-specified coin value, such as $0.10 or even up to $1.00, so don’t expect to get rich off this type of bonus. They are given to players so they can take the casino for a test-drive free of charge, similar to a no deposit bonus. Consider it a courtesy from your favorite casino brand!

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Best Casino Bonuses No Deposit

 The no deposit casino bonus is exactly what it sounds like; a casino bonus you can claim without needing to make a deposit first. Understandably, these casino bonuses are much lower than those you would get for actually making a deposit.

Online casinos understand that not everyone is ready to drop $100 on a deposit as soon as they sign up. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t want to play, or might not get more into it later on. No deposit casino bonuses were therefore created to cater for these types of players. Usually a bonus code is required.

Our dedicated no deposit bonus casinos page will tell you all you need to know about these unique casino bonus offers!


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No Deposit Bonus Codes

No deposit bonuses codes are valuable for both new and existing players. Keep in mind that the casino will always clearly state in their terms whether a bonus code is required or not, so pay close attention to this. The last thing you want is to miss out on a great deal like that. Bonus codes for no deposit bonuses can be entered at the cashier or on the promotional page in order to claim it.

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Casino No Deposit Bonuses on Signup

A no deposit on signup works slightly different than the type of bonus we’ve described previously. You’re still getting your free cash, don’t worry about that. Whereas some no deposit bonuses require a bonus code, no deposit bonuses on signup will be awarded right off the bat. As soon as you finish creating your account, a small amount of free cash will be deposited on your bankroll.

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Exclusive Casino Bonuses

Here at CasinoGuide we are proud to be able to offer our players exclusive bonus offers. We hold a good relationship with every online casino we promote on our website and we use this good-standing relationship to bring you better deals. Whether this a special promotional bonus code or a higher welcome bonus than usual, we got you covered.


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Promotions and Bonuses

Many online casinos offer time-sensitive or seasonal promotions on their website. These promotions are usually paired with a cultural holiday or the release of a new game. Be sure to visit your favorite online casino often to check on their promotion or subscribe to their newsletter to stay in the loop!
Mobile Casino Bonuses

Some casino bonuses are only available on mobile devices. This is usually because they can be used on a certain game which is optimised for a mobile experience. In order to claim such a mobile casino bonuses, players will have to verify their mobile number before they receive their bonus funds.

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Best High Roller Casino Bonuses

 High rollers are the online casino players who like to deposit and play with much larger sums of money than the average person. As you would expect, custom from players like these is highly sought after, which is why operators will do all they can to tempt them with some special casino bonuses.


High roller bonuses, as they are commonly known, are typically much larger than the normal welcome bonus of an online casino. In addition, high rolling players will often be offered further reload bonuses over time. If you are a high roller, all you have to do is let the casino know via live chat and they will be more than happy to assist you!

Check out our special high roller casinos page, which is packed with exclusive bonus offers especially for high rollers!

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Reload Casino Bonuses

 After you’ve decided to sign up and have been playing for a little while, the next casino bonus you’ll encounter will probably be a reload bonus. These are similar to the deposit match bonus but are usually distributed via casino bonus codes sent to your phone or email address.

You may receive these online casino offers at any time after signing up. Most often you will receive them if/when your account balance reaches zero, or if you have gone some time without logging in and playing.

The reload bonus is classed as a type of loyalty bonus. For online casinos, bonuses aren’t only about acquiring more players – they are also a highly effective method of ensuring player retention.

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Cashback Bonuses

 Cashback bonuses are usually awarded on live casino games, since the stakes are a lot higher on the blackjack table compared to the reels. On top of that, net losses are on average also higher on live dealer games, than on slots. It is only fair that a good online casino meets its patrons halfway and throws in cashback bonus. 

Cashback bonuses can range from anywhere between 10% up to 30%, depending on cashback threshold. The best thing about cashback bonuses, is that they usually come wager-free. This is because the player has already spent money, so it would only be cruel to force the player to meet the wagering requirements before they can cash out their cashback funds.

How To Claim Your Casino Bonus

Tempted by the online casino bonus offers above but not sure of the process? The great thing about casinos with bonus incentives, is they usually make the signup process as simple as possible for you.

It’s important to remember that it will be necessary to sign up and make a deposit to get the best online casino bonuses available. In case you need more reassurance, here we have the process of claiming your Internet casino bonus laid out in just a few easy steps.

  1. Choose from our above list of the best legal and regulated online casinos with bonuses
  2. Click the ‘Play Now’ button to be directed to your chosen online casino
  3. Hit the sign up button and follow the on-screen instructions to register
  4. Make your first deposit – the bonus should be automatically applied at this point
  5. Pick a game and start playing!

Online Casino Bonus Wagering Requirements

In order to claim casino bonus offers that will enhance your gaming experience, it’s important to know that they are not all created equal. The importance of always checking the terms and conditions cannot be overstated, as these can very a great deal.

Once you agree to any set of terms applying to a casino bonus, you should expect to be held to them. The most important terms within the casino bonus context are the bonus wagering requirements. These are the conditions you must meet before the bonus amount becomes available for you to withdraw.

The main component of any wagering requirement is the ‘play-through’ number. This is represented by a number of times that the bonus amount must be wagered (with sticky bonuses, the bonus amount and the deposit are treated the same way).

Wagering Requirement Example

If the wagering requirement is x30, and you’re playing with a bonus of $20, the calculation is as follows: $20 x 30 = $600 to be wagered.

Casino Bonus Terms: The Game Contribution Percentage (GCP)

The GCP is another important condition used by casinos to protect their bonus offers from exploitation. Essentially, this dictates how much a particular game can contribute to your casino bonus wagering requirements.

For example, Blackjack is a skill game with a much smaller house edge than in Slots games. Therefore the GCP for Blackjack is typically very low – rarely more than 20%. That means only 20% of the bets you make while playing Blackjack will count towards your wagering requirement. Some casino bonus offers even have a GCP of 0% for skill games.

Slots on the other hand usually have a GCP of 100%. It is try that some casinos will try to push you towards certain Slots with their bonuses. But as a general rule, any Slots game is the fastest way to hitting your wagering requirement.

Casino Bonus Time Limits

Some online casino bonuses are only valid for a certain period of time. For example, some welcome bonuses will dictate that you use the full bonus amount within seven days, after which it will disappear.

Casinos do this in order to avoid the complication of players building up a huge bankroll of unused bonuses over a long period of time. Plus, the added sense of urgency encourages you not to procrastinate and make use of your bonus ASAP!

Are Casino Bonuses Worth It?

If you wish to become a truly successful casino bonus hunter, you should calculate whether the bonus value exceeds the amount likely to be won by the house once the bonus requirements have been met. If this is the case, that casino bonus offers a positive expected value.

For example, when you deploy basic Blackjack strategy, the house edge an extremely low 1%. Meaning over time, the house will on average win $0.01 from every $1 you bet.

Assuming a bonus of $50, a wagering requirement of x30, and a GCP of 33%, we know that you have to wager $4,500 to clear the bonus. We have established the house edge is 1%. So if you make 4,500 $1 bets, and play perfect blackjack, you will have lost $45 when you've finished.

Therefore, once the bonus requirements are met, the casino has given you $50, and taken $45 due to the game's in-built edge. Meaning that you should actually make $5 profit, while enjoying hours of fun at the online Blackjack table! This is all based on averages however, and there are no guarantees that this is how it would go.

Common mistakes players make

At CasinoGuide we care about our players, so we’re here to tell you about the most common pitfalls players encounter when searching for casino bonuses. After all, you want to make the most out of your casino bonus.

Not reading the Terms and Conditions

When we talk about reading the terms and conditions, most people think they will be stuck with a nasty surprise if they fail to do so. Like an unwanted subscription or something similar. Casino bonuses work nothing like that. What we mean with reading the terms and conditions is that some bonuses come with certain limitations or restrictions. Many online casinos crack down on bonus abusers and therefore the terms and conditions are set in the first place.

Letting the bonus expire

Many casino bonuses, whether they are welcome offers or the no deposit variety, come with a deadline. The extra funds need to be used within a certain amount of time, or else they will be forfeited. Sometimes the wagering requirements need to be completed within the given timeframe as well. If the player fails to do so, any winnings made in bonus cash will be forfeited.

Expecting to get rich off casino bonuses

Let’s be honest here, casino bonuses are not designed to make players rich. They are simply a way to welcome a new player or make existing players feel appreciated. On top of this, bonus cash and free spins usually come with a pre-determined coin value, usually between $0.1 and $1.00.

Many casino bonus also come with a maximum bet, which usually doesn’t exceed $5.00. This is not nearly enough to trigger a jackpot win, sadly. Players need to keep in mind that bonuses, of any variety, are given to the player out of goodwill. In the past, many casinos have suffered from bonus abusers, which has let to many brands to take action and tighten the terms and conditions.

Difference between Sticky and Non-sticky Casino Bonuses

The first thing to understand is that almost every casino bonus falls into one of two categories; ‘sticky’ and ‘non-sticky’.

Sticky Casino Bonuses

This is the name for online casino bonuses which are combined with your deposit into one bankroll, as opposed to being kept in separate pots. The benefit of this to you is mainly its simplicity; once you’ve collected your bonus there is a single pot of credit for you to play with.

However, this does also mean that you can only withdraw your balance (including your deposit amount) once you have satisfied the bonus wagering requirements.

Non-Sticky Casino Bonuses

Most easily described as being the opposite of sticky bonuses, a non-sticky bonus is kept in a separate pot to the money you actually deposit yourself. This is beneficial as it allows you to withdraw the deposit without meeting any wagering requirements. In many ways these are the best online casino bonuses.

Sticky online casino bonuses vary in terms of the circumstances under which bonus credit is used – always check the terms and conditions to be sure.

Choosing Between Internet Casino Bonus Offers

As well as the casino bonus amount, there are several other factors you can consider when deciding which one to take advantage of. Looking at all aspects of the bonus casino will ensure you make an informed decision on which to play at.

Here’s a quick 4-point comparison that you can use to help you decide. The information you require can be found on the review page of each casino – just hit the corresponding Review button in the list above.


You can have all the casino bonus offers in the world, but without a solid library of entertaining games to spend those bonuses on, they’re worthless! Make sure you pick an online casino offering a wide selection of quality games that will hold your interest.

Payment Options

Most of the best casino bonuses online require you to make a deposit of some kind in order to claim them. Therefore, you need to be sure that the online casino you choose supports your preferred method of payment. This goes for withdrawals as well as deposits!

Your own budget

Setting your own budget makes it easier to identify which casino is the best for you. As we have explained above, wagering requirements can drain a lot of your funds before you are able to enjoy your winnings, so make sure you have enough funds set aside to complete them. By knowing exactly how much you have to spend, picking the right casino bonus suddenly becomes a lot easier.


It’s important to know that your online casino is trustworthy. There are many different indicators of this. For example, if the casino is part of a famous brand (such as 888), this is a very strong endorsement. You can also look in the website footer for auditor logos such as eCOGRA, which helps to ensure fair play. Here at CasinoGuide we only recommend playing at online casinos which are legally operating in your region by holding a license from the relevant authority.

FAQ Casino Bonuses

Can I claim a casino bonus for free?

Yes, provided that the bonus comes without wagering requirements. No deposit bonuses are still considered free cash, but players will still need to complete the wagering requirements before they are able to cash out any winnings made through this offer. Only if a casino bonus is marked as “wager-free” a casino bonus us truly for free. 

Are there casinos that don’t offer bonuses?

Yes, there are so called no-bonus casino. This is not because they are stingy, but they will offer different types of rewards. Many online casinos without bonuses offer a variation of cashback. These cashbacks will be awarded on a weekly basis and depend on the accumulated losses of the players throughout the previous week. 

Can I use a casino bonus on any game I like?

No, usually you can’t. The casino itself normally specifies on which games a casino bonus can be used. This is because free spins are usually purchased by the casino from the software provider itself, so it makes sense that these can then only be used on their games.

The same goes for table game or live dealer game bonuses. Naturally, these can only be spent on pre-specified games. The promotional page of the bonus should always state on which games the bonus funds can be spent on.

What are wager-free casino bonuses?

Wager-free casino bonuses come without wagering requirement, i.e. any winnings made using these bonuses are yours to keep! You can cash out your funds immediately through your preferred withdrawal method. 

Do I need to complete the wagering requirements?

Yes, unless otherwise specified, players will always need to adhere to the wagering requirements which are laid out in the terms and conditions. If not, you bonus funds will expire and you will not be able to cash out your winnings. 

Can I withdraw a casino bonus in real money?

Yes, provided you have adhered to the terms and conditions. Unless a casino bonus is completely wager-free, you will need to make sure you’ve ticked all the boxes. If a casino bonus is wager-free, you can go ahead and convert your funds immediately into real cash.

Are casino bonuses available for US online casinos?

Yes, of course! As long as real money wagers at online casinos are accepted in your state of residency, you will be able to claim a casino bonus. 

Do casino bonuses expire?

They usually do, unfortunately. But the expiry date of bonuses can vary immensely from casino to casino. Some casino bonuses expire within 24 hours, this is usually the case with free spins. Some varieties, such as welcome bonuses usually expire within a range of 7 days to 14 days. High roller bonuses usually tend to expire after 60 days; giving players enough time to fulfil the wagering requirements. 

Where do I find the best online casino bonus offers?

Right here at ;)

Claim Your Casino Bonus Today!

We’ve done the hard work for you and collected the best casino bonus offers around for you to choose from. Every bonus casino we recommend has been thoroughly vetted and reviewed by our expert team, and is operating legally in your area.

All that’s left is for you to pick your favorite, sign up, and start reaping the rewards of your online casino bonus today!